Daily Archives: January 9, 2022

Message for local residents

Big Bamboo Bayside is leasing space inside Sailport Waterfront Suites.  They want us here for one purpose…to bring food & drink service to the guests of Sailport.  We signed the lease and need to follow their rules if we want to stay here.  According to the Property Manager of the resort, we are open to outside diners Monday – Friday: 11am – 2pm.  But this can change at any time due to occupancy levels at the resort.  If it’s Spring Break and the resort is sold out, they probably won’t let anybody in.  If you enter the property, you can only hang out at Big Bamboo.  You cannot use the pool or visit other parts of the property that are reserved exclusively for people staying in one of the Suites.

The Rocky Point Discount for local residents expired at the end of 2021.  But we do have exclusive discounts with a few businesses on Rocky Point.  But only for the companies that have worked out deals with our management.  Their employees do get a discount.  If your company hasn’t worked out a deal, maybe let them know it’s a possibility.

We love our local fans…especially the ones who helped support us during the Covid Shut Down.  But every once in awhile some of the locals get an “entitled” bug in their system and cause trouble like, picking fights with security, demanding old discounts be reinstated, demanding customized menu items, talking down to our staff, bringing their animals into this “no pets allowed” resort property, getting drunk and causing trouble for the resort and it’s guests.  We don’t want that trouble here.  Let’s all be cool.  Be nice to Sailport Security.  Be nice to our bartenders.  Just be nice in general to all people.  Thank you for your help.